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Republic of North Macedonia

sjeverna makedonija

Macedonian School Sport Federation (MSSF) was established as NGO in 1964. It is composed of three regions, divided in 8 zones. The operative organizational units are 36 Municipality Associations for School Sport which contains more than 200 school sport clubs as cells of the school sport system. MSSF has four full time employees and eleven part time activists. The main governmental partner of MSSF is the Agency for youth and sport which provides financial support on behalf of the Macedonian government. MSSF is a full member of International School Sport Federation (ISF) participating in many events and championships organized by ISF.
MSSF has an imperative to involve pupils and high school students in sports competitions as much as possible, starting from the school, municipality, regional level and ending at the state level. In such way MSFF is creating a wide basis for further development of sports in the country. The second goal of MSSF is to improve the teaching process of physical education and to influence the normal development of the children providing healthy future for the new generations.
MSSF organizes competitions at different levels which annually involve more than 100.000 pupils and students in collective and individual sports. The best school teams from municipalities are competing in the zones, from where the best teams are qualifying on the state championships. Those championships are organized in a way that in every second even year an event for high school students named Gymnaziade is organized as, , while in the meantime the championships in different sports disciplines in different places are organized. In odd years when there is no Gymnaziade, School Olympic Games for primary schools are organized, and in the meanwhile championships in different disciplines in different places are organized. In practice, every year there is the Gymnazide or School Olympic Games with more than 1000 young athletes. Besides, MSSF is continuously promoting sports not very popular among younger generations.
Beside the championships, last year MSSF started to organize Leagues in different sports which give sustainability and continuity of the school sport activities. From time to time the best school teams are participating in championships organized by ISF.
for the best young athletes MSSF organizes camps for different sports at the end of the the school year, where the best players can develop their skills and performances under the mentorships of best coaches and players in Macedonia.
In order to improve the physical culture education in lower primary education, MSSF organized a project titled as Fun School Sport which enables employment of the unemployed teachers of physical culture education. Prior to their engagement, MSSF organizes appropriate trainings for these beneficiaries.
MSSF is deeply involved together with the Faculty for Sport, physical culture and sport in permanent training and re-training of the physical culture teachers organizing different types of workshops, seminars and other events. And finally, in order to share good practices for school sport and teaching in physical education, every second year MSSF organizes a conference where a lot of professional, popular and scientific articles related to school sports and physical culture are presented.

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