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Udruga za sport, rekreaciju i edukaciju- Igre mladih (Association for sport,recreation and education- Youth Games) (YOUTH SPORTS GAMES CRO)

Through its activities, the Association emphasizes the education on all aspects of sustainable growth and development of healthy habits. In doing so, they create an enriched environment motivating young generations for leading healthier and more responsible life which considers doing sports as an inseparable part of it; one that will inspire others for actions and ideas that could bring about changes the humanity needs. 

The aims of the Association are:

-       to bring together children, youth and adults in order to activly participate in sport and recreation

-       education and development of a positive atmosphere and affirmation of children and youth in the direction of sport and friendship as an alternative to various forms of addiction and deviant behaviour

-       educational content that has been promoted through all activities and has been set up as a modern and up-to-date message of young people to young people is a significant contributor to preventivism of all types of addiction, and thus the rationalization of health and social projects and programmes

The Associations activities are: organizing and conducting regular sports and recreational activities for the promotion of health; the planned use of leisure time of its members; conducting sports and recreational competitions; educational activities for children, youth and adults in different sports skills; promotion fight against discrimination and intolerance in sports;  health care of Associations members; encouraging understanding and adoption of ethical values ​​through sporting recreational activities; professional co-operation with national and foreign professional associations; organizing sports competitions for children.

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•     Title of the project: Youth Sports Fair Chance 2018-3329/001-001     •     Duration: 01.01.2019 – 31.12.2020     •    Total value of the project: 365.525,00 €    

•    Leading partner: Udruga za sport, rekreaciju i edukaciju- Igre mladih, Croatia