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Bosnia and Herzegovina

bosna i hercegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Udruženje za sport i rekreaciju mladih (Association for Sport and Recreation of Youth). By implementing the project „Youth Sport Games“ in 8 years of its existence, the Association has gathered over 220,000 participants from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, visited 164 cities / municipalities, brought more than 12,000 finalists to Sarajevo, and proved that sport can bridge a divided society, teach children about right social values and that they can achieve success only if they respect each other and work together. The core mission of the Association is to contribute to the creation of a more equal, cohesive, interconnected, and ultimately happier environment for children in B&H. Through our projects, the Association provides an opportunity for children and young people to participate, during their summer holidays, in professionally organized competition but also represents an opportunity for children and young people to contribute to the spreading of tolerance, humanism, respect for diversity, combating violence, and developing a sense of community and friendship with a special emphasis on building sustainable peace through fair play and friendly competition, under the banner of sport.

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•     Title of the project: Youth Sports Fair Chance 2018-3329/001-001     •     Duration: 01.01.2019 – 31.12.2020     •    Total value of the project: 365.525,00 €    

•    Leading partner: Udruga za sport, rekreaciju i edukaciju- Igre mladih, Croatia